Melanie Schneider, partner

Melanie looks after accounts in the ICT industry, as well as tourism, small and medium-sized enterprises and the NPO sector. Her particular areas of focus are strategic communications consulting, brand positioning, developing content strategies for digital media, and media relations.


Prior to joining open up, she was the managing director of a PR agency. She also has experience on the client side having worked for a telecommunications and Internet company, where she managed the corporate identity and sponsoring/events units as Head of Communications and acted as media spokeswoman. Melanie has a federal diploma in PR consulting.


«People, opinions and stories fascinate me. They captivate me no matter where I am – when I’m out about town, at work, or in a café in strange new surroundings. Communication is a journey of discovery. It's about having a feel for the nuances and a sense of different perspectives. It’s about asking why and understanding how.»


+41 44 295 90 74