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Our job

Together with our strategic partner Patrick Rohr Kommunikation, we offer bespoke media training for clients from all sectors.

We provide training for managers and employees alike, be it over the short term for specific proposes or to develop individual media skills. We’ll show you how the media work, and what it is that journalists need. You’ll learn how to act in front of a camera as well, and how you can answer questions in the right way to get your message across succinctly. This will also allow you to communicate appropriately in the various media in crisis situations. 

Our services

    • environment analysis
    • drafting scripts, positions, statements
    • drawing up questions and answers
    • interview and presentation training
    • media training
    • crisis processes and training
In simulations of real life scenarios – including critical questioning – you train how to respond in various situations.
Facing a group of media representatives and answering their questions can be daunting – media training prepares you for tackling this challenge.
If you have a camera or microphone pointed at you, you learn to reply with short and concise statements.
When it comes to information, every medium has its own specific needs. Proper preparation helps you get the right take on what these needs are.