Holzbau Schweiz // Corporate & social media

The association Holzbau Schweiz sees itself as a centre of excellence providing services for the timber construction sector as a whole. It represents around 1,100 members based in the German and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. open up has been the lead agency supporting the association since 2013.

Our job

To develop Holzbau Schweiz’s new sector magazine aimed at clients, investors and planners, and handle editing the publication.

Our services

    • Revamping and conceiving the specialist magazine
    • Structuring and defining themes
    • Heading editorial team and overall project management
    • Editing focus themes and interviews
    • Collaborating with a publishing partner to produce the magazine

Other cases for customer Holzbau Schweiz

Building and living with wood: FIRST, the glossy, modern magazine on timber construction.
“First” puts the spotlight on timber construction, concentrating in particular on architecture and wood as a material.
Each issue is dedicated to a specific question relating to contemporary architecture, timber construction or spatial planning.
The focus is on both theoretical and practical aspects, taking a look back through history but also covering current research.
The magazine opens with short news items on timber, presented as “chippings” rather than “clippings”.