Holzbau Vital // Content creation

The industry solution Holzbau Vital provides timber construction companies with support in the areas of occupational safety and health protection. More than 340 firms have signed up to Holzbau Vital since it was launched in 2012. open up has been supporting the unit responsible in all communication matters since the industry solution was introduced. 

Our job

To draw up a brochure in German and Italian together with a graphic designer, with the aim of convincing new businesses to join the association and to provide basic information on the industry solution. Particular attention was paid to incorporating testimonials highlighting the added value for businesses and employees alike.

Our services

    • Concept and content creation
    • Obtaining testimonials
    • Production support for both language versions
    • Advice on graphic design and image selection
    • Working with a graphic design partner to deliver the project

Other cases for customer Holzbau Vital

Healthy employees: the brochure encapsulates and illustrates the core element of the industry solution.
Added value for the timber construction industry as a whole: testimonials set out the positive experience with the industry solution.