PKE // Content creation

The PKE Energy Pension Foundation and the PKE Energy Pension Fund Cooperative are leading pension schemes in the Swiss energy industry. The PKE was founded more than 90 years ago, and is committed to delivering optimal pension solutions for around 220 companies.

Our job

The workings of pension funds are complex, and many people find them difficult to understand. To address this, the PKE wanted to give a simple presentation explaining pension funds using an interactive animated infographic. open up supported the PKE in developing the concept for the animation and formulating the explanatory texts appropriately for the target groups.

Our services

    • Conceptualisation and planning of the infographic
    • Developing the themes, content and structuring of the animation in conjunction with an interactive design specialist.
    • Editing and formulating the explanations to address the target groups appropriately
    • Checking that the infographic is easy to understand and ensuring the explanations are set out correctly in the proper context
The infographic can be found on the PKE landing page.
The ways in which a pension fund works are set out using eight different life phases.
For example, the section on early retirement contains all the key facts and further information on pension fund benefits and state pensions.