Swissgrid // Content creation

Swissgrid is Switzerland’s national grid company. As the owner of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid, it is responsible for its operation, maintenance, modernisation and expansion. The company employs 450 employees and is a member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity.

Our job

To support the company with establishing concepts and creating content for publications, with a view to increasing awareness and understanding of Swissgrid’s role and specialist themes among the target groups.

Our services

    • Advising on aspects relating to content
    • Researching themes, people and facts
    • Writing and editing content
    • Producing the publications in conjunction with our design partner, Source
Published in German, the brochure “Erdverkabelung im Höchstspannungsnetz” looks at underground cabling, including comparisons with overhead lines.
Infographics illustrate complex content, making it easy to understand.
Useful information is explained in detail.