e-can suisse // Media relations

The cooperative e-can suisse aims to offer private individuals and SMEs a year-round solution for electricity supply exclusively from Swiss hydropower. e-can suisse is currently testing the model with a crowdfunding campaign.

Our job

With a view to achieving its crowdfunding target by March 2018, the cooperative e-can suisse wants to increase its brand awareness via measures including internet articles, videos, flyers, and above all active media relations.

Our services

    • Providing support and advice on drawing up key messages
    • Developing and implementing a communications strategy
    • Communications in the media surrounding the launch
    • Specific placement of content in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV on an ongoing basis
    • Editing specialist texts
    • Writing content for the website
Guest commentary by Jean-Michel Cina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FMV SA, on the cooperative e-can suisse.
SRF Eco talks to e-can suisse President Matthias Sulzer about the cooperative.
Front page coverage for e-can suisse in the Walliser Bote.