Fernfachhochschule Schweiz FFHS // Content creation

The Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences FFHS is the pioneer in Switzerland when it comes to distance learning. It offers its 1,900 students further education and training programmes in business administration, IT, engineering, law and healthcare. open up has been handling communications for the FFHS since 2001.

Our job

To handle all the processes involved in publishing advertorials online, from planning and obtaining offers through to reporting.

Our services

    • Campaign planning and obtaining offers
    • Planning publications and content
    • Editing texts
    • Supporting and checking production of the advertorials
    • Evaluating the statistics, reporting on data, and advising on necessary strategy adjustments

Other cases for customer Fernfachhochschule Schweiz FFHS

open up conceives online advertorials, handling the entire process from picking out topics and people through to the actual release.
Another online advertorial for FFHS.
The compact presentation of information and links entices readers to find out more about the organisation and what it has to offer.
The Facebook profile of FFHS.