Swiss Music Awards // Media relations

Since 2008, the Swiss Music Awards have been awarded annually to the most successful Swiss musicians. The promoter of the Swiss Music Awards is the association Press Play. The company Media Control drew up the regulations and is also responsible for judging the awards. open up handled the media relations work surrounding the event in its first three years.

Our job

open up supported the organisers in their active media relations work to make people aware of the Swiss Music Awards brand and establish the event as a fixture.

Our services

    • Acting as the media office
    • Fostering contacts with key media in the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland
    • Handling media enquiries and interviews
    • Placing exclusive stories in the run-up to the event
    • Handling the media at the event
    • Editing and issuing media releases
Media relations work in the run-up to the Swiss Music Awards, at the event itself, and following up.
The Swiss Music Awards have become an established feature – and our active media relations work helped ensure this.