Phonak Switzerland // Media relations

Phonak Switzerland is a subsidiary of Phonak Ltd, and is responsible for the distribution of products in Switzerland. With its portfolio of some 100 different hearing aids, Phonak’s aim is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing impairments. open up has been supporting Phonak Switzerland in its media relations since 2014.

Our job

Phonak Switzerland wants to increase the profile of its brand and products, while also raising awareness of the issue of hearing loss. open up has been advising the company in planning and conceiving this. It is also implementing the PR, including product PR in specialist and general media.

Our services

    • PR work throughout Switzerland
    • Evaluating and placing themes in the media
    • Fostering contacts with key media
    • Product PR
    • Editing and issuing media releases
    • Media tracking
Luca Mastroberardino, Managing Director of Phonak Switzerland, answers questions about the company and himself.
Phonak hearing aids with tinnitus option reduce the annoying whistling.
The magazine Glückspost highlighted how hearing impairment can impact on a person’s social life.
St. Galler Nachrichten reported on the new Phonak Audéo-BR, a hearing device with rechargeable batteries.
TeleZüri broadcast a feature on FC Männedorf goalkeeper René Lobnik, who wears a hearing aid.