Schweizerische Paritätische Berufskommission Holzbau // Brand positioning

The SPBH is the executive body of the collective agreement for the timber construction industry. In addition to regular checks at company and on construction sites, the SPBH awards the “Holzbau Plus” quality label together with its social partners. open up has been advising the SPBH in its communications activities since 2014.

Our job

The brand identity of the Holzbau quality label was revamped in 2014. open up was commissioned to provide strategic support throughout the redesign process, and worked together with a design partner to define the future visual elements. We handled the design and creation of the initial products in this process, such as flyers and ads. 

Our services

    • Analysing the existing communications channels
    • Brand workshop and strategic advice on redesign
    • Conceiving new flyers, ads and advertising material
    • Drawing up a CD manual
    • Managing the overall CD implementation project

Other cases for customer Schweizerische Paritätische Berufskommission Holzbau

One of three subjects: the banner for the online advertising campaign.
The new golden Holzbau Plus logo exudes quality and precision.
The quality label is highlighted in a series of flyers aimed at various groups, among them employees.
The timber construction hallmark. Timber construction firms back the quality label in the new advertisements.
The SPBH awards the Holzbau Plus label on behalf of the industry's social partners.
Effective advertising material brings firms into contact with potential clients.