Strategic advice:

All organisations are in dialogue with various interest groups, both internal and external. We work with our clients to define the right communications mix for their goals, and look at how to defuse critical issues.

How do you communicate your organisation’s strategy? What suitable content do you already have, and what do we need to create? Do you have guidelines for crisis situations?

open up offers communications support for companies, organisations and individuals, from analysis through to conception and implementation. The right content strategy creates trust and acceptance among all your stakeholders.


Our consultants deliver content-based communications solutions, and can coach your managers or communications staff in all aspects of strategic communications.


Our advice covers

  • communications check-ups
  • strategic communications planning
  • content strategies
  • internal communications
  • crisis communications
  • communications coaching for managers and CEO positioning
  • optimising your communications mix


We deliver

  • communications concepts with action plans
  • content creation
  • media relations
  • corporate & social media
  • corporate social responsibility  (CSR)
  • issue management
  • crisis manuals
  • communications guidelines

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