Media training:

Media training: A self-assured and confident demeanour gives you an air of authority and creates trust – and not just in front of the cameras. We prepare you for a range of different interview and discussion situations, enabling you to put your messages across effectively and in a pleasant manner. That will also mean you’re well equipped to handle crisis communications.

What expectations do print journalists have? What are the key things to be aware of when talking to a microphone or on camera? What rights do you have when dealing with the media?

open up knows what matters from both sides, for the media and for companies. We can spot the questions in advance, and make sure you have clear answers ready that will hit their mark in the media.


Our consultants analyse your needs and draw up a media training programme for you, including a dossier and a set of (critical) questions with the appropriate answers. For the practical exercises, both on and off camera, we bring in our strategic partner Patrick Rohr Kommunikation.


Our advice covers

  • needs analysis
  • conception and content training
  • ad hoc communications
  • crisis communications


We deliver

  • environment analysis
  • drafting scripts, positions, statements
  • drawing up questions and answers
  • interview and presentation training
  • media training
  • crisis processes and training

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Media training