Bank Vontobel // Corporate & social media

Bank Vontobel is an independent Swiss private bank. Although it is listed on the stock exchange, the Vontobel families still hold the majority of shares and votes in the company. The bank has three business units – Private Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management. open up has been working with Vontobel since 2001.

Our job

To help the bank with various publications, including the client magazine blue and Portrait, an annual magazine devoted to a specific theme each year.

Our services

    • Advising on all aspects relating to content
    • Conceiving themes for external audiences
    • Researching themes, people and facts
    • Interviews, portraits and reports
    • Editing and revising
    • Project management
    • Working with a graphic design partner to produce blue and Portrait
Each issue of the client magazine blue centres on a key topic.
Each issue of Bank Vontobel’s publication Portrait focuses on a specific theme.
“Islands” – a multi-faceted topic.
Each theme throws up surprising facts and figures.
Another kind of island – traffic islands.
The cover page of the client magazine blue highlights a key issue for the future – “Technology”.
“Cities” – seen from different angles.
Major interview with historian and city explorer Karl Schlögel.
Every city has a tale to tell, and its own lasting appeal.
The issue of wealth and why everyone has a different take on it.
Unseen riches are measured in ideas, not in francs.