Bank Vontobel // Corporate & social media

Bank Vontobel is an independent Swiss private bank.  The bank has three business units – Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Asset Management. open up has been working with Vontobel since 2001.

Our job

Since 2001 open up has been helping the bank create content for print and online publications.

Our services

    • Advice on all editorial matters
    • Conceiving content on the basis of overarching themes
    • Background research, discussions and interviews
    • Writing and editing copy for print and online media
Inspiration wealth management magazine addresses Bank Vontobel’s private clientele.
Each issue of the annual publication Portrait focuses on a specific theme.
Background reports cover the latest trends.
An overarching theme defines the framework for the content of each edition.
Besides entertaining pieces, specialist articles underscore Bank Vontobel’s expertise.
Diverting overviews create variety.
For a long time the magazine for private clients was called „blue“.
Interviews with people outside the bank go into greater depth.