Corporate & social media:

Corporate & social media: Offline, online, mobile – corporate publishing has long since ceased to be solely about print material. Websites, blogs, social media channels and apps now round out the communications package, transforming every company into a media house. When it comes to your own media, the form of publication you choose is itself part of the message, and plays its role in your content strategy.

Which offline and online channels should you use to address your target groups? Where do you need your own media presence? How can paid and earned media complement your content strategy for owned media? Should you adopt an online-first approach?

open up knows what’s needed when it comes to communications, digital and analogue alike. We make sure you use the right form of publication to get the information and messages you want across to your target audiences.


Our consultants develop joined-up concepts for all corporate publications, promoting dialogue and producing relevant content. 


Our advice covers

  • content strategies
  • publications: strategy, concept and positioning
  • target group / content analysis
  • communication check-ups
  • corporate media & social media concepts
  • social media policy
  • editing processes and planning


We deliver

  • annual reports, image and product brochures
  • client and staff magazines
  • anniversary texts and commemorative publications
  • websites, blogs, podcasts
  • social intranet
  • social media presence
  • newsletters and client mailings
  • media newsroom and social media newsroom
  • community management
  • social media monitoring

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