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Hands-on owners and consistently high quality standards

open up is a communications and PR agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. We combine long and varied experience in creating and preparing journalistic content with communications consulting and brand positioning skills.

Whether we’re partnering corporate communications managers, people in marketing, or board and executive level leaders, our clients know they can rely on open up’s expertise and commitment to long-term relationships.

Since 2010 open up has been a member of the Association of PR Agencies in Switzerland (BPRA), which in 2020 merged with the Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA), an association that unites the best in the industry and simultaneously serves as a label of quality. Every three years certification takes place in line with international standards (ICCO).

In our work with clients we adopt a variety of roles, from communications consultants to content managers.

We specialise in PR services, but have no inhibitions when it comes to working with people in other disciplines. Thanks to our strong partner network we’re able to offer our clients integrated solutions.

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