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Openness builds trust and commitment

In our role as consultants we act as sparring partners to our clients, guiding and supporting them through every phase of their communications projects. We work in teams of two with broad know-how to ensure complementary points of view and maximum flexibility and availability.

We provide support in all areas of PR and communications to clients ranging from private individuals and SMEs to non-profit organisations and large corporations.

We provide individuals and organisations with communications support from analysis and concepts to implementation and evaluation. Communications done right builds trust and acceptance among all your stakeholders.

We ask precise questions and support leadership teams with the strategic task of honing their organisation’s brand identity. The goal is to used proven models to get you started on the path to your ideal positioning.

We’re well versed in the challenges of digital and analogue communications. We start out with content that’s relevant to your stakeholders. We then choose the right form of publication to make sure the information and messages reach your audience.

We have the editorial experience and journalistic savvy to judge which topics will be attractive to the media. We foster permanent contact with journalists and see ourselves as an important source of news and information.

We see both points of view: those of the media, and those of businesses. We’re able to anticipate media enquiries and formulate appropriate and effective responses. We help you gain confidence in your dealings with the media.

We take an outsider’s look at the situation in your organisation and advise those responsible on how to communicate systematically with staff, in challenging change processes, or in times of crisis.

Our service portfolio at a glance

Sometimes the focus is on corporate communications. In other instances the emphasis is on positioning a brand. Whatever the case, it’s always about communicating appropriately and relevantly with internal and external stakeholders.

Whether we’re hired on a project basis or to provide one-stop services, our clients don’t just get our advice. We also take care of implementing the proposed communication measures – working with the communications specialists within your organisation, or collaborating with external partners to take care of your entire communications needs.