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Communication training

Addressing the media with skill and confidence

Confident self-presentation builds trust and gives you an air of authority – and not just in front of the camera. We help you prepare for a range of different interview and conversation settings so that you get your message across effectively and pleasantly.

What expectations do journalists have? What are the key things to be aware of when talking to a microphone or on camera? What are your rights when it comes to dealings with the media? How do you prepare for an interview? How can you come across with greater confidence and self-assurance?

Our consultants play the role of a journalist and ask you relevant, critical questions to simulate a variety of interview situations. Afterwards they’ll help you analyse your performance and consolidate your core messages.


Our advice covers

  • Needs analysis
  • Training design
  • Ad hoc communications
  • Analysing media relevance
  • Crisis communications
  • Issue management

We deliver

  • Performance and environment analysis
  • Researching issues, scripts, positions and statements
  • Drawing up questions and answers
  • Presentation techniques
  • Organising and conducting media training
  • Crisis processes and training