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Custom media

Effectively curating and exploiting your organisation’s own channels

There are many ways of working up content for owned media. Websites, blogs, social media, visual and audiovisual communications are just as important a part of custom media as print publications. Regardless of the channel, it all revolves around storytelling.

What channels and media does your audience use? How can paid and earned media complement your content strategy for owned media? How can you get key messages across? What’s the right role and tone for each channel?

Our consultants help organisations play the role of publisher to exploit key touchpoints with their audience. We come up with relevant topics, produce content relevant for your audiences, choose the right form of publication, and make you aware of untapped potential.

Our advice covers

  • Corporate Publishing
  • Content strategies
  • Analysing audiences and content
  • Communications check-ups
  • Channel-specific storytelling
  • Editorial processes and planning
  • Corporate wording

We deliver

  • Content and community management
  • Content for owned, paid and earned media
  • Visual and video material, infographics
  • Professional articles, interviews and reportage
  • Ghostwriting speeches, scripts, positions and management presentations
  • Producing print media and online platforms