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Stakeholder communications

Taking an outside perspective and identifying needs

In crisis situations and change processes your internal and external stakeholders have a greater need for information. What you want to avoid is speculation and inaccurate or inappropriate reporting.

Are you about to reorganise or change your strategy? What internal and external stakeholders are relevant? How well do your internal communications work? How actively do you manage external stakeholders? Are you properly prepared for communicating in a crisis?

Our consultants pinpoint the relevant stakeholders and their specific information needs. They then develop new communications tools and measures to help you manage your stakeholders, if desired as part of your internal teams.

Our advice covers

  • Internal communications check-ups
  • Internal communications concepts/strategies
  • Formulating mission statements and values
  • Change management and communications
  • Crisis communications check-ups
  • Analysing crisis situations
  • External communications in crisis situations

We deliver

  • Internal audits and surveys
  • Workshops and staff events
  • Internal communications and employer branding measures
  • Social intranets, newsletters and staff magazines
  • Drawing up crisis scenarios
  • Crisis processes and training
  • Working in your crisis team or media office during crises