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Strategic advice

Individual solutions for integrated communications

All organisations are in dialogue with a range of internal and external stakeholders. We analyse your situation and work with you to define the strategies and corporate communications mix you need and work out how to defuse critical issues.

How do you communicate your organisation’s strategy? What PR measures are planned? Do you have guidelines for corporate communications? What are the long-term communication goals of your public relations endeavours? What communications channels will your organisation use?

Our consultants identify the needs of your different stakeholders. Then they develop concepts appropriate to the relevant channels as the basis for a comprehensive content strategy.


Our advice covers

  • Analysing existing communications
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Communications coaching for managers
  • CEO positioning and reputation management
  • Crisis communications
  • Stakeholder communications

We deliver

  • PR campaigns
  • Communications strategies and concepts
  • Tools and action plans
  • Communications guidelines
  • Issue management
  • Crisis manuals