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Global X ETFs engages open up for media relations

The rapidly growing New York-based asset manager Global X ETFs is now relying on the expertise and network of the communications and PR agency open up. Global X ETFs has already listed two ETFs on the Swiss stock exchange SIX in summer, further UCITS ETFs will follow later this year.

Converting responsibility into positive energy

We’re taking the 20-year anniversary of our agency to share some thoughts about what it means to be self-employed, entrepreneurial and in business. To make things clear from the outset, neither Melanie or Kilian had the declared aim of becoming an entrepreneur.

open up celebrates 20-year anniversary

Zurich agency open up can look back on a 20-year journey through time and the world of communications. The owner-managed company, with a staff of 14, advises organisations on all matters related to communications, with the emphasis on long-term content strategy.

Let’s talk about Hashtags

According to Wikipedia, a hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol “#”, Hashtags are widely used as a form of user-generated tagging that enables cross-referencing of content sharing a subject or theme. But the hash also has other functions. I embarked on some research.

Freedom of the press under pressure. What comes next?

The number of countries where journalists can exercise their profession without repression saw yet another decline last year. In the annual index produced by Reporters without Borders, the situation in only 12 of the 180 countries surveyed ranked “good”.

Hawa’s Slide magazine goes for change

Slide magazine from Hawa Sliding Solutions has been completely reworked. It’s a space for stories around architecture and design. The concept was developed by the Zurich design agency SOURCE, with communi-cations agency open up responsible for implementing the editorial side.

Keeping the conversation going

Directly or indirectly, thought leadership is often the top priority in corporate communications. But it requires expertise as well as having the courage of your convictions.

Something for the ear

In recent years the podcast trend has arrived in Switzerland. Many are now asking whether their organisation also needs them. Our audio piece provides some answers.

It’s all in the mix

The fact that there’s less and less diversity, both in nature and the media landscape, is worrying. But if you look you’ll find projects that promote and encourage diversity.

In search of perfection

Our 2017 Christmas card took two attempts. Sometimes the right solution – whether it’s a photo, a title, or a content strategy – takes more than one go.