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Keeping the conversation going

Directly or indirectly, thought leadership is often the top priority in corporate communications. But it requires expertise as well as having the courage of your convictions.

Something for the ear

In recent years the podcast trend has arrived in Switzerland. Many are now asking whether their organisation also needs them. Our audio piece provides some answers.

I can see clearly now

After a year where so many things were murky and unclear, in the new video and new year’s greeting the entire open up team takes an optimistic look ahead to 2021.

Digital overtransformation in corporate communications

In recent years we’ve kicked off articles for many customers in a whole range of industries with sentences like “Digital transformation is changing the Swiss market more and more rapidly...,” or words to that effect. What companies should be aware of when it comes to communicating about digital transformation.

Switzerland’s no. 1 Swiss PR agency

Every year the trade magazine Schweizer Journalist surveys business and specialist journalists on the quality of media relations in Switzerland. Besides the work of corporate spokespeople, they also rate the performance of PR agencies. Following a no. 1 ranking in 2017, open up has again placed top in the 2020 ratings. We’re delighted with this result and would like to thank journalists for their votes.

Fact-checking social media

COVID-19 has turned the world on its head: in the flood of facts, theories and wild speculation, it can be hard to know what is true. Fact-checking has become more important than ever.

Home alone in the office

Despite the home office revolution of recent weeks, it’s too early to speak of the death of the of-fice. In the long run, humans are social beings who need personal contact.

It’s all in the mix

The fact that there’s less and less diversity, both in nature and the media landscape, is worrying. But if you look you’ll find projects that promote and encourage diversity.

In search of perfection

Our 2017 Christmas card took two attempts. Sometimes the right solution – whether it’s a photo, a title, or a content strategy – takes more than one go.