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Do we still need photo shoots or is artificial intelligence taking over?

With the advent of generative AI in everyday creative life, a completely new category of visual material is available. But what does that mean for corporate communications? And what’s the raison d’être of the original sources of photos, in other words professional photographers, stock agencies or your own smartphone? Here’s a survey of the field.

I also expect an agency to take a critical stance

What’s our clients’ experience of working with open up? We asked Angela Scalese. She’s the media spokesperson for Senevita, a provider of nursing care to the elderly that we’ve been helping with media relations since 2022.

It pays to be brief

If you master the art of keeping a topic short and presenting a complex issue so that even a layperson can understand it, you’ll never get bored and you’ll reach your goal faster.

It’s all in the mix

The fact that there’s less and less diversity, both in nature and the media landscape, is worrying. But if you look you’ll find projects that promote and encourage diversity.

In search of perfection

Our 2017 Christmas card took two attempts. Sometimes the right solution – whether it’s a photo, a title, or a content strategy – takes more than one go.