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Multifaceted and personal

Communications always revolves around people. It’s all about communicating with them, winning their trust and meeting their individual information needs.

What makes open up special is the experience and creativity of our staff and the people we collaborate with.

«In Zurich I’m constantly discovering new favourite places, which is one of the things that makes Switzerland’s biggest city …

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«My favourite place is Enge harbour on Lake Zurich, between the Arboretum and the Succulent Collection on Mythenquai. The big statue …

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«It’s early in the morning, the sun’s rising, the cold air is rushing into my lungs and there’s snow up to my knees: Winter has come …

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«In recent years the Werdinsel has grown to become my favourite place in Zurich. An island between the River Limmat and an artificial canal, it connects many different things, …

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«Lake and mountains: Having grown up on Lake Thun, this combination is part of what home means for me. It’s no wonder my favourite place is …

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«There are few more varied places in Zurich than the park in Wipkingen. You’ll find all sorts here: people walking their dogs, joggers and …

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«What could be finer than a really good espresso and time to relax and read a long article? I often enjoy a really good espresso …

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«Again and again I’m drawn to the Utoquai. It’s an oasis of relaxation amid the daily routine. Only a few steps …

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«The area around the Letten Viaduct in district 5 is urbane, diverse and relaxed. The perfect mix. 

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«In the heart of the city you’ll find the old botanical garden, also called “zur Katz” park. It’s a quiet, idyllic place steeped in history. Below the …

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«Ever since I’ve been based in Zurich, Kreis 3 has been the centre of my world. I’ve lived in other parts of the city, but I’ve always kept …

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«I like people, and I like stories. I find both in Sphères, a bar, bookstore and stage rolled into one in Zurich’s industrial district. Facts alone …

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«A relaxed stroll through the Rieterpark, on a wooded slope above Zurich. An historic place with ancient trees and celebrated exhibitions …

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