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17.12.2020 |

Swiss4net entrusts open up with its communications

Swiss4net has been involved in the development of FTTH fibre-optic networks in Switzerland for many years. To raise awareness of its unique business model among members of the public and Swiss municipalities and electricity companies, the FTTH specialist has now sought the support of the communications and PR agency open up.

Swiss4net is a partner to municipalities, cities and electricity companies, providing them with a long-term, all-inclusive package for developing FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) fibre-optic networks. Unlike other providers, Swiss4net takes charge of everything from planning and construction to operation. Municipalities, cities and electricity companies do not have to assume either the costs or the financial risks. The result is fibre-optic networks that make municipalities and cities more attractive and competitive, as well as giving customers greater freedom to choose between telecoms providers. Swiss4net currently operates FTTH networks in Baden and Ennetbaden and in Chiasso, Vacallo, Balerna and Morbio Inferiore – and is in the process of developing networks in Ascona and Pully. Further FTTH networks will follow shortly.

To further strengthen its position in the market, Swiss4net is now working with open up. The communications and PR agency advises Swiss4net on all matters related to corporate communications, also acting as a content strategist and external media office. In its capacity as media office, open up is the point of contact for journalists throughout Switzerland, assuring Swiss4net regular media presence through the targeted placement of pieces by its experts and communicating corporate news. The agency also provides support with diverse communications media, including a corporate brochure, the website and Swiss4net’s social media presence.