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Ursula Schärer

My favourite place

A relaxed stroll through the Rieterpark, on a wooded slope above Zurich. An historic place with ancient trees and celebrated exhibitions from Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. The modern glass pavilion, the wonderful emerald building that transports me to subterranean halls for special exhibitions – an architectural highlight and counterpoint to the venerable old villas.

After such a journey it’s great to spend time relaxing, reflecting and chatting in the café at Villa Wesendonck. I love this brief escape from everyday routine. Museum Rietberg is a place of tranquillity, and the Rieterpark is full of life and laughter, young and old. So much promise. Again and again I find myself fascinated and excited by it, touched and nourished. Surely this must be my favourite place. I’m already looking forward to my next visit. The museum’s renowned collection of non-European art is just as compelling as the special exhibits. My thoughts are set free.

My story

In my capacity as executive assistant and office manager I support the management of open up. I perform a hub function, taking charge of the agency’s back office and HR administratoin.

Before joining open up I worked in real estate services, at two publishers, and at various PR agencies. This included the role of head of administration with my own team, head of back office with leadership duties including looking after apprentices, and involvement in executive work as assistant to the owner, CEO or CFO.

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