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13.03.2019 |

Positioning for the City of Zurich Pension Fund

The City of Zurich Pension Fund (PKZH) commissioned open up to hone its brand positioning and design a communications strategy. With over 33,000 insured members and 18,000 people eligible for a pension, PKZH is one of the leading pension funds in Switzerland.

PKZH regularly reviews its communications strategy. It commissioned open up to design and run a brand workshop to help work out the basis for its future positioning. The goal of the workshop was to sharpen the city pension fund’s positioning with stakeholders and create awareness of the competencies, values and tone of the PKZH brand.

2019+ communications strategy
The brand positioning defined in the workshop created an excellent foundation for open up to design a corporate communications strategy for PKZH in the years to come. Continuing from the previous positioning, the new strategy adopts successful communications tools and media and adapts them to current requirements. At the same time it sets new areas of emphasis to present PKZH as an organisation whose communications are geared closely to its audiences.

«The combination of brand workshop and strategy development was ideal for us. The awareness of how we want to be perceived also created a foundation enabling the leadership team to assess and deal with the proposals of the communications strategy,» explains PKZH communications manager Rebecca Saltalamacchia.